RFP/lastenboek/cahier des charges: call center

This RFP describes a telephony solution for a call center. The client had strict demands on how he wanted to use the telephony system. He outlined in detail how the system had to route the incoming calls to the agents. The RFP also described the way an agent would use the system. For the supervisor, a dashboard gave an overview of the ongoing activity.

The document gives a general overview of the solution. Then, it answers each of the feature requests one by one, describing how the proposed solution conforms to the request.

An RFP (lastenboek / cahier des charges) is frequently technical in nature because the customer has very specific demands. A technical writer can translate the technical answers into a compelling story and redact the source texts from technical and sales people.

Because of the proprietary nature of this document, the pages have been converted into graphics and have been anonymised.

RFP call center RFP call center RFP call center