Presentation: architecture of an RTOS

This presentation gives a high-level architectural overview of an RTOS when it’s used in a multicore environment. It was used by sales people, but because of the nature of the product, it contains highly technical content. The slides below discuss the development process using the RTOS, typical use cases and the architecture.

In technical environments, sales presentations like the one below are common tasks for a technical writer. Our expertise with storytelling and conveying clear messages improves a presentation, making it easier to understand.

Because of the proprietary nature of this document, the slides have been converted into graphics and have been anonymised.

Presentation: RTOS architecture Presentation: RTOS architecture Presentation: RTOS architecture

Technical sales presentation

Technical sales are a domain where a good technical writer can shine. He can work on the technical parts of a sales presentation as well as other collateral. Presentations have their own challenges, as they should condense information into a good overview. At the same time, they should not distract the listener from the presenter. That’s why some slides are sparse, allowing the presenter to explain what is shown.

Because it’s a sales presentation, it contains a number of technical remarks from a customer testimonial.

techwriter sales presentation techwriter sales presentation

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Training: overview of software tools

The slides below are from a training with a duration of half a day. The training gave a high level overview of a suite of software tools and their intended usage. The audience was distributors and newly hired personnel, though it was also given as an in-depth presentation to customers who wanted to learn more before deciding on the purchase. The content was therefore a selection of high level topics as well as a number of detailed scenarios and use cases.

techwriter training slide techwriter training slide techwriter training slide

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