Article: overview of a software tool

The following article advocates the use of a software development tool. It outlines the technological context in which the users of the tool typically work. From that, it derives the benefits of the tool and concludes that the tool is, indeed, a great addition to a software developer’s toolbox.

Because of the proprietary nature of this document, the pages have been converted into graphics and have been anonymised.

article about a software development tool

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Press article: EETimes on multicore programming

This is an article published originally in EETimes, one of the main publications in the field of embedded systems. It is an opinion piece on embedded hardware and software trends. The main point is that, with chip designs moving toward multicore, software tools play an increasingly important role.


2005-Software_must_take_full_advantage_of_multicore_platforms___EE_Times_pdf__page_1_of_3__and_Edit_Post_‹_Techwriter_be_—_WordPressArticles are usually not the main focus of a technical writer. But sometimes, the technical writer is the right person for the job. This is usually the case when the subject is highly technical, like the subject covered in the above article. Like blog posts, the article is then an extension of his other work.

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